Strip, R*pe and Blast.

March 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

It feels really great to be back and blogging. Of course, that doesn’t translate to “I’m happy!!”, but that feeling of light-weightedness a student feels after a particularly pressurizing exam is overflowing already. Still, there’s something that itches, a kind of disappointment. Now, don’t jump to conclusions, it’s nothing about the exams. In fact, I don’t care a paise about the exam I just wrote. This is something else, something concerning the people, the nation, the future.

What’s happening in this country???? Gang-rapes, students being stripped, some idiot trying a publicity stunt and depriving people of what is rightfully their’s. You name it, we have it. Oh, I left out corruption? Forget it, it’d need a blog for itself, were I to write my views on it. I’d say, India’s becoming the Chicago of the Goldrush era, just that India’s a lot more bigger, and a lot more corrupted. Don’t get me wrong- I’ve nothing against the government, or against my country. This is just the venting out of an overly-passionate, and thus overly-frustrated citizen.

Okay, I’m under 18, so I’ll leave out that gang-rape thing. We youngsters shouldn’t be talking supposedly unwanted things, so dear Adults, figure it out yourself. But I’m definitely not leaving the second one. It has happened to 2 students, during the most important exams of their life. Leave the exams, what would have been running on their minds during the incident, that too when the opposite sex were watching. From the Hindu’s news report (see link), you can see that the word Dalit has been stressed. ( The Hindu was accused of stressing it purposefully from a group of extremists, but I guess it holds a significance too: that the supervisors who committed this atrocity took advantage of the students’ roots.) This particular mention of the caste may give the answer to why the accused  dared to perpetuate the crime, but look beyond it: Even the students- Dalit or Brahmin- are vulnerable to crimes that are mentally stressing. And this incident is nothing short of rape. The angst and the feeling of helplessness it caused in me cannot be described- I mentioned it only to two of my dear friends.

Now, to the third thing. This piece is a very interesting one. The year is 1987 and the leading statesmen sense that the on-going power generators will throw up huge deficits by the year 2010. What do they do? Simple, call-up Soviet Union (as Russia was called those days), explain the situation, ask help (in fact, they offered to help) and get going. It was decided that a nuclear power generator is necessary to sustain the growing needs. And the reason why they chose Kudankulam is that Tamil Nadu was the state that needed it most. If it was constructed here, TN would get the lion’s share- a neat planning. Fast forward to the present: A guy called UdayKumar pops out of nowhere, incites the people around the plant and cites examples of the Japan disaster.

Does this make any sense? What were these people doing 25 years before? Why weren’t protests then? They claim that they were unaware of the consequences till the Japan disaster happened. That’s a sweet excuse. But not a strong one. The Kudankulam project was signed on November 20, 1988. Just more than a year before, on 26 April, 1986, the infamous Chernobyl Disaster took place. So these people didn’t even bother about the most known nuclear accident, but are concerned about a two-day fling that Japan handled with ease? (For a very detailed and well-sourced article on this, visit This blogger with a seemingly funny name has done a swell job in his take on this issue.)

Back to the question: Where is this country going? I’m sorry to say this: Nowhere in economy, backward in attitude, forward in corruption.

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