The World stands in need of Coffee-Bites, My Lord!! ♫♪♫♪

April 12, 2012 Comments Off on The World stands in need of Coffee-Bites, My Lord!! ♫♪♫♪

Coffee Bites are something I have loved right from my childhood. Maybe you can call it my first love. But some people seem to think that Coffee bites are pretty cheap (Vrai! Just 50p no??) and is a chocolate for the poor (Utter faux!). The truth is, had you experienced it in the formative stages of your taste buds, chances are that you are also addicted to it at least as near as I am.

While the backbenchers of my class reveled in sneaking oodle-worthy snacks and gorging on them while the teacher wasn’t looking, I always depended on trusted Mr.Coffee-Bite to survive through those lazy afternoon classes. Probably you still don’t realize the magnitude of my addiction. So to provide you with an idea of it, let me tell you what I’ll do daily to procure those coveted CBs. My mum upgraded my pocket allowance to Rs. 10 per day from my sixth grade, and so did my fortunes. At last I had the bucks to get enough of my prized Coffee Bites!! But being the greedy idiot I am, I would save it up for a couple of days or so before buying the bounty. Fancy this: If 10 Rupees can get you 20 Coffee-Bites, how much can Rs. 20 get you? FORTY!!!! Even then, my selfish self would finish all those in the course of two 40 minute classes.

Actually I had many friends who adored CBs as much as I do, but they jumped the league when the Center-Fresh craze arrived. Probably it was more practical, because although CFs cost twice as much, they lasted for a much longer time. But it is unfair no, comparing chocolates and chewing gums? Stupid guys, abandoning a trustworthy happy solution. Cut it out unfaithful idiots, gratitude is something I respect, and I don’t care a Center Fresh for your Center Fresh.

Recently, I heard that this really nice friend of mine, based in Canada, also loves Coffee Bites. How happy I was! Believe me people, the world’s not going to end on December 21st, 2012. Not till sensible people who like Coffee Bites live. Also because one rolly-polly friend of mine was born on that day (and I don’t want such an historical event fall on his B’day, cuz he loves the limelight, the bloody fellow), but that’s completely another story.

I personally believe Coffee Bites are the best ever kutty chocolate invented by a homo-sapien (or a homo-erectus, cuz it seems to exist from BC’s). Of course, apart from Diary Milk SILK. But for people who can’t feel the SILK lately, Coffee-Bites are the best happy solution. God bless Coffee-Bites, the world stands in need of lots of them!!!!

(The writer was reallyfeeling bored-to-death while composing the above master-piece. Of course, this was done under the pretext of an IMPORTANT WORK, so that he may not study for his upcoming entrance exams. As for the title of this chef d’ouvre, it is wordplay on one of the most beautiful school choir songs ever, which is sung crudely by a stupid bald fellow here.)

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